Or... Not Getting It Done

Well... I was a tad over-confident in my being accomplished skills last week, wasn't I?

Because this morning (Tuesday) I sat at my desk, looked at my to-do list, and do you know what I did? 

Well... not my to-do list. Let's say that. I'm leaving for Florida in two days because I'm in a wedding and then spending a few days after going to the parks. Which, I'm excited about. But, I saw all I wanted to accomplish before I left and basically shut down. 

What I Actually Did

  • Wrote a blog post about my procrastination. (But three blog posts in one month. WHAT? Who am I?)
  • Watched YouTube videos.
  • Finished reading A Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue. (Although, I would argue this was one of the best life choices I've made as of late. Even if it wasn't actually useful to my current situation.)
  • Went to the library and picked up two more books along with some McDonalds.
  • Played Dragon City and Magic Kingdoms on my phone. (I'm so close to leveling up Prince Charming you guys...)

What I Should Have Done

  • Revise the first chapter of my novel so it's ready to go for PitchWars in August.
  • Get started on packing for my Florida Trip.
  • Finish up the Vlog Every Day August (VEDA) calendar for WeVlogCollective.
  • Pre-film videos for VEDA.
  • Check in with my critique partners on their novels.
  • Schedule Tweets to promote VEDA so I don't have to worry about it on my trip.
  • Take a picture for this silly blog post so it could look pretty and marketable. 


Then, before I knew it, I had to go to my last day of work before my trip. (My kind manager gave me the day off so I had time to pack.) So... at least I have another day. As long as I don't waste more time on the Internet. 

So much for tooting my own horn about how efficient and productive I am. But, we all have those days, right?

Now I can maybe focus on something truly important:

Which books I'll be reading on the plane.