What Do I Write?

My big passion is writing novels. For as long as I can remember I've been making up big epic stories in my head and putting them on paper. Even before I knew how to write I was doodling out stories. 

The genres?

Fantasy. Specifically, I've written fairy tale retellings and urban fantasy. Sometimes a combination of the two, and you're always going to find some sort of romance in all of my novels. My writing and books tend to be a blend of Sarah J Maas, Chloe Neill, Jim Butcher, and Stephanie Perkins. I am currently in the process of writing and querying my novels to literary agents, so they are not available for the public yet. If you are interested in process updates and/or would like to be considered beta reading my work, sign up for my email list. 

Want to read something shorter than a novel? At least once a month I do a Flash Fiction Friday right here on the blog.

I also have joined WattPad and you can follow me by clicking here!

Anything that's not fiction?


I also blog, write newsletters, and have experience in running social media content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Goodreads. If you are interested in working with me, send me an email: eehornburg [@] gmail.com.

Freelance Writing

Stockpile - Thoughts and ideas about content management, organization, design, and development from the team and friends of Chipmunk:  https://stockpile.getchipmunk.com/

Short Fiction

Flash Fiction Fridays: At least once a month I post a short story which is 1000 words or less!

Mixed Drinks - a Daisy and Robin Short Story:  http://shortfictionbreak.com/mixed-drinks/